Simay Plastic renders service to the companies in various sectors, not only domestically but also abroad. The sectors that we serve are food, drinks, market products, sanitary paper, hygiene and baby care, detergent, shrinks, plant soil packing and fertilizer packing, garbage bags, textile, medical, etc. In the food sector, we have the necessary documents and permissions from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs which are the most important. At Simay plastic, by producing printed and printless bags out of LPDE and HDPE raw materials, bag production in all colours and dimensions are produced. Thanks to the importance we give to quality and customer satisfaction, our customer portfolio is increasing day by day and we are taking our name to the upper lines of the sector.

In our production facility, there are LDE extruder machines with low density and HDPE extruder machines with high density HDPE, flexo printing technique up to 8 color ranges, vest pouchette cutting, wicked cutting for bread pochettes, pouchette cutting machines, bobbin slicing machines and lamination machines in our production track.

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