• Packages for Food and Drinks
  • Personal Care and Cleaning Products
  • Carrying Pouches
  • Industrial Bags (Heavy Industry)
  • Textile Products
  • Recyclable (Bio-Degradable)
  • As Simay Plastic and Packing; we produce from bopp, cpp, metalize, nacre (pearlize), HDPE and LDPE raw materials in our products with the flexo printing technique at various measurements and sizes, up to 8 colour ranges.

  • -Packages for dry food
    -Packages for Crisps, Dried Fruits and Nuts
    -Packages for Bread
    -Packages for Sugar
    -Packages for Salt
    -Packages for Spice
    -Packages for shrink
    -Pouches for Fruits and Vegetables
    -Bag of Chicken

  • -Personal Hygiene (Baby Care Products)
    -Personal Cleaning (Toilet paper, paper napkins, paper towels)
    -Home Care Products (Sponge, glass-cloth, mop, Doormat, scouring sponge)
    -Medical Packages

  • -Handle Pouches
    -Reinforced Pouches
    -Handled Pouches
    -Supermarket Pouches
    -Corded Pouches
    -Locked Pouches

  • -Domestic Waste (Garbage Bags)
    -Medical Waste Bags
    -Fireproof Carriage Bags
    -Palette Cloths

  • -Strapped and Strapless Bags
    -Carrying Bags

  • Simay plastic assists in the solution of the waste problem by producing biodegradable products with the awareness of protecting the environment. These products that have the feature of being recyclable (Bio - Degradable) lose their effectiveness in 12 to 24 months without damaging the nature.

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